High Class Robbery – Howitz Weissbach SS2012 at Capsule Paris

I met Eva Howitz and Frieder Weissbach from howitzweissbach at Capsule in Paris. Fresh noblesse is what they do and for their look book shoot they simply collected some random wood – how easy does that sound. But that’s their attitude which goes hand in hand with what they think: „There is too much pretending in the fashion world, everything is made more important than it actually is. Just look at our shoulders

Inspired by fairy tales, howitzweissbach’s Spring / Summer 2012 collection High Class Robbery, featuring a lot of volume and transparency, shows vulnerability through silk organza-shrouded backs and and strength through voluminous fronts. „The feminine back is the most beautiful part of a body, it’s so elegant,“ they explain.

Using little but high-quality textiles such as light silk-cotton weave, silk organza as well as air-treated cotton batiste, they produce unique designs locally and under socially responsible conditions and „always work with strong primary colours, but at the moment we believe in green,“ Eva smiles.  In addition to the collections, howitzweissbach also produce a line of shoes and accessories including socks, bags and scarves.

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