This one-day, immersive group workshop will make you:

  • a better portrait photographer and
  • a happier person ^^

📷 –> 😀

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Why This Workshop?

Creativity, Confidence & Connection – Photo by Photo

This workshop takes you beyond the beaten tracks of photo classes: Photography isn't just about technical aspects and capturing moments; it's about transforming how you see the world and yourself.
  • Set Free Your Creative Power: Find your unique perspective. Experience a deep sense of empowerment and joy in the creation of portrait photography.
  • Build Confidence: Gain the courage to approach strangers, see the beauty in everyday interactions. Carrying these skills into your daily life will make you a better communicator and a passionate observer of the world.
  • Connect Deeply: Use your camera to forge connections: to the world around you, to other people and most of all – to yourself.

What You’ll Learn
  • The Art of Seeing: Learn to observe the world like an artist, noticing details that others overlook. Learn to be present, in the here and now.
  • Breaking Your Barriers: This workshop isn’t just about clicking photos; it’s about snapping out of your comfort zone. Learn hands-on techniques that will help you to successfully overcome your fears and inhibitions.
  • Communication Skills: Gain the confidence to approach strangers and master the skill of engaging with your subjects.

Workshop Experience

Specific and easy-to-do

Over a period of close to 20 years, Gunnar photographed thousands of people in the streets, most of them complete strangers. In this workshop, he will share his best insights and guide you through an approved process to successfully master street portrait photography.
  • Fun approach with playful tasks.
  • Proven hands-on techniques over theory talk.
  • Focus on the process – the photo is the cherry on the top of the cake.
  • Learn the CLICK-Principle as a guiding framework.
  • Freedom to find your very own identity as photographer.
  • Quick & easy photo tips for better portraits.
  • Strategies to approach strangers and get a YES.
  • Engage with real subjects in real-time, use your new skills immediately, get helpful feedback.

Master challenges in a group of like-minded people who share your passion.

What To Bring
  • Basic understanding of your camera.
  • Any digital camera you feel comfortable with.
  • Smartphone shooters: iPhone preferred.
  • Fully charged batteries.
  • Empty, formatted memory card.
  • iPhone shooters: enough memory space.
  • And motivation and commitment that you will give your best.

The most powerful tool in photography is YOU

Who Is It For?
  • Photographers loving to explore new genres to broaden their skills.
  • Both amateurs and pros are welcome.
  • Individuals seeking new ways of creative self-expression.
  • Anyone who wants to overcome their shyness with strangers and become a confident communicator.
  • Photo enthusiasts with profound knowledge about gear, light and composition – now ready to leave their comfort zone and capture the spirit and beauty of everyday people in genuine portraits.
  • Automatic mode shooters and phone photographers who want to shoot without worrying about camera settings and just enjoy the beauty of the process.
  • Anyone who wants to escape the daily hamster wheel and get back to life.

You, if you want to use photography to be a happier person.

Let your creativity lead the way and transform ordinary scenes into extraordinary memories. Be a better portrait photographer and grow as a human being.

Spots are limited, and your creative journey awaits

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