More Happy People!

Hello, I'm Gunnar aka STYLECLICKER, portrait photographer with an eye for style. My mission: Spread joy by boosting confidence and creativity, one photo at a time.

My Story

When I started STYLECLICKER as a street style photography blog almost 20 years ago, I had no idea of how this would change my life forever. At that time, I had no trust in my own creative power, nor was I a confident communicator. Truth is: I was rather shy when meeting new people. I didn’t really know, what to talk about, what to say at all – you might have experienced, too: those embarrassing moments of silence!
But when being out in the streets searching for stylish strangers to take their portraits, suddenly talking became easy to me. It gives me a good reason to start a conversation with a complete stranger. Surprisingly, my biggest fear turned into pure joy. And now, all these beautiful conversations with my accidental ‚models‘ are for sure one of the best parts of being a street style photographer.

Photography was the key to find confidence in my own creativity and communication skills. I want to share the joy photography brings to me with other people – as I believe this joy is contagious.

Photography changed my life for the better – let it change yours, too.

Me in a Nutshell
  • Photoshop… nope,
  • soul photographer, not a pixel peeper,
  • I don’t care about trends, I love style,
  • the streets are my studio, because real-life rules,
  • portrait photography is team sport,
  • my mission – let people shine ☀️


During the years, I photographed thousands of people in the streets, mostly strangers. And what I learned by doing so, is that there are some key factors important to create meaningful portraits. I took this experience and developed a framework named CLICK-principle:

  • Creativity,
  • Living Camera,
  • Identity,
  • Community,
  • Kindness.

This framework helps you to re-connect with yourself and the people around you. Which is a great starting point to capture the spirit and beauty of everyday people in powerful portraits.

The Vision

More self-love > > > > A better world

Boost people's self-confidence and help them believe in their own beauty and creative power as human beings >> Empower self-love >> Make people happy >> Happy people make the world a better place >> Make the world a better place.

That simple and easy.

My Successes
  • Street Style Photography Pioneer, worldwide since 2006.
  • The first blogger solo museum exhibition in Germany, group shows around the world.
  • Blog archive as precious time document of style.
  • Featured in many major publications worldwide, e.g. Süddeutsche Zeitung, GQ and VOGUE.
  • Assignments and collabs with big fashion & lifestyle brands like ABSOLUT, Schwarzkopf and LEVI’S.
  • Massive impact on social media: millions have watched my videos, check my TikTok or Instagram here.
  • My work featured in books: Style Feed – The World’s Top Fashion Blogs, PRESTEL and Street Style – An Ethnography of Fashion Blogging, Bloomsbury.
  • I still love taking pictures 📷 😀