Milliner Akio Hirata’s Fabulous Retrospective

Since living in London, I have become quite a bit more hat-conscious than before. But not only the English are big on creating head pieces, there is Japanese Akio Hirata to be one of the most internationally known milliners.

Akio Hirata at Tkyo's Spiral Gardens. Pictures: Daici Ano

Over seventy years of work on display

Branding studio Nendo realised an exhibition at the Spiral Gardens in Tokyo showcasing over seventy years of work of the creative. More than 4000 white hats float above the exhibited pieces, creating a dreamy atmosphere in which the visitor can wander and discover Hirata’s work of a lifetime.

The exhibition was created by Japan’s branding agency Nendo

The white hats float above the exhibited pieces

The whole installation has a dreamy feeling to it.

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