A modern, gritty, urban Japan – Chelelle Punshon at Graduate Fashion Week

Chelelle Punshon showed a strong individual signature in her graduate collection she did at University of West London. I love the dark side of the wearable pieces from the 23-years-old upcoming designer.

Chelelle Punshon's graduate collection 2011. Editorial pictures by Guy Jarman

Chelelle, What’s your origin?

My parents were born in UK, but have distant French heritage.

If I say your graduate collection is referencing hip hop clothing and bondage, is that true?

Yes, my collection was to reference urban clothing, mixed with bondage.

The urban collection has a dark side to it.

What is the collection called and why?

My collection is called ‚Kabuku‘ which is a Japanese verb meaning ‚to lean‘ or ‚to be out of the ordinary‘ which suits my collection perfectly.

What has inspired you for this collection?

I was mainly inspired by Japanese bamboo weaving, sexy, body clinging-urban silhouettes and the modern city. That’s why I chose a ‚concrete‘ colour palette.

The Japanese influence in the collection came from Chelelle's tattoo on her back, featuring her name.

What is your design signature?

My design signature is wearable, urban garments, with a sexual edge.

What should the wearer feel like in your clothes?

The wearer should feel unique, extremely sexy, confident and full of attitude.

A modern, gritty, urban Japan.

Models: Dionne Joseph, Gemma Stapleton, Telisa Harrison

If the collection was a country – what land would that be?

If my collection was a country it would be Japan, where my inspiration came from (Japanese bamboo weaving). A modern, gritty, urban Japan.

What music were you playing in your studio while creating this collection?

The track played was ‚Bassjackers, Klambu‘

What is your favourite piece of the collection and why?

My favourite piece is actually the first garment to be made out of my entire collection. It is a ’strippy‘ top with sleeves in a slate coloured silk jersey. This piece is something I would love to wear myself, and it is THE piece which actually sums up my entire collection and concept in just one garment.

Chelelle's favourite piece of her collection. Picture: Claire Williams

What have you had for breakfast?

I had a cup of tea, my favourite! As a student I don’t really get too much time, but a tea first thing in the morning is a definite must have!

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

I ideally see myself working as a fashion illustrator, I love to sketch and fashion illustration really is my passion.

Sketch by Chelelle Punshon

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