A Celebration Of Sensual Femininity – Belle Sauvage SS 2012

Belle Sauvage Spring Summer 2012

By guest writer Melanie Pierucci Bolliger of Artist in Wonderland: Christian Neuman and Virginia Ferreira under their brand Belle Sauvage presented their fourth collection at the Old Sorting Office. It was a celebration of sensual femininity inspired by Hollywood silent movies of the 1920s.

It was difficult to connect the collection to the 1920s. One would automatically think of flapper dresses, black and white, Chaplin, and boyish haircuts –this collection was anything but boyish. Nonetheless it was a stunning ensemble of intricately made dresses.

Flowing versus structured garments combined with a bright colour palette created a sexy set of strong, curve-celebrating pieces.

Elegance did not compromise the fun factor of the collection. The bright colours and vibrant prints added a touch of noise and party to the otherwise quiet pieces. Yellow, magenta, mint green, and lilac were the protagonists this season, accentuated by the combination of solid versus print elements.

Elaborate details such as beautifully made pleats connected the ethereal to the more tailored shapes. This gave the collection a smooth line that was sophisticated and refined.

The fabric selection was another pleasant addition. A contrast of light versus heavy silks played with the strong and soft sides of the collection. Embroidered tulle was a beautiful element as well and the subtle use of leather elements accentuated the Belle Sauvage collection beautifully.

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