Style Bites – Get Red

Is there a better color to start the new year than red? Some people wear red underwear on new year’s eve for good luck and since the middle ages the precious color scarlet was the color for kings and clergy – powerful people.

Red also symbolizes passion, fire and courage and it does indeed take a bold person to wear red from head to toe, but if you wear it right you might feel like a king (or a queen).

The simplest way for a woman to wear red is to put on a scarlet lipstick, sign of confidence and sexiness. Combine it with classy black and you can’t go wrong (if you want to go all the way put on an electric guitar and some high heels and go for the all-time-classic- ‚Addicted to Love‚ – look). Red is great as a detail of surprise, just a little glimpse of red under your sweater or one red fingernail that catches your eye. But it is also great worn more ‚offensive‘ as a whole outfit – which doesn’t mean you have to go scarlet from tip to toe – different shades of red, pink and orange might do the trick as well and present a beautiful and surprising combination that will brighten up our world. One thing is for sure though – red is not for the faint-hearted.

My friend Corey knows very well that bright red makes the difference. Worn with simple black tights her outfit would look pure and classic but her scarlet legs prove that there is a daring and powerful character in front of us who likes to play with fashion and styles (see more of Corey on my blog).

Not many words needed with this gentleman. He obviously knows very well what he does. Nautical Dandy that he is he knows that it is much more interesting not to go for the obvious navy / white combination but to go red instead of navy and add a pinch of fashion and extravagance.