Functional Minimalism – Cornel Bolt SS 2012

Cornel Bolt is one of London’s up and coming fashion designers whom I met at the ‘Rendez-Vous Femme’ showroom in Paris. Inspired by film stills, his designs move from a controlled aesthetic to something decidedly more deconstructed – the blowing up and shattering apart of an image in slow motion.

I creased the stretch denim and spray painted it by hand with acrylic paint in two different tones. This took much more time than I had expected. It works well now, though, and all pieces can be hand washed,Cornel recalls about the development of the print that looks just like burnt cloth. We love the effect it has – you just want to touch it. It’s the hidden details that make all the difference – the sheen of the fabric, the underarm panelling, the beauty of a well-designed zip. The Fashion Fringe finalist is one we want to see more of.

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