Style Bites – The Nerd

Don’t you hate being labelled? It’s so superficial, it doesn’t go into details and oversimplifies everything. Take the new trend-label: ‚Nerd‘. Everything is
‚Nerd-Something‘ nowadays.

It used to be an abusive word for super-intelligent guys with thick eyeglasses at school that nobody wanted to be friends with. We still don’t want to be friends with the nerds – but we want to wear their stuff. Why is that so? Why do we want to look like school-teachers, physicists and librarians? Because we want to be taken seriously – party-time is over. Or because we want to look like we care about things. Or like we don’t care about looking groomed or sexy or vain. There is a whole ‚Nerd‘-movement going on at the moment and if you ask me, that’s a good thing, because our clothes reflect who we are or who we want to be and if that’s an interested, intelligent, intellectual person – go ahead, that’s what our world needs! And if that needs a label – I’m fine with it.

If you need a little guide-line on ‚how to become a real Nerd‘ or simply want to enjoy some archetypical examples of the ‚Nerd‘ species go to ‚Nerd Boyfriend‚ (or just observe the ‚Godfather of Nerds‘ Jarvis Cocker) or ‚Nerd Girlfriend‚ (or watch ‚New Girl‚ with Zooey Deschanel) – or, like me, wear a helmet when you ride your bike.