Style Bites – Short or Shorter

Temperatures are going up – and so do hemlines. The shorter the better? A majority of men would surely answer that question with a clear ‚yes‘ – having tanned female legs in mind. Sure, we can go as short as we want, wear skirts, dresses or shorts, wear them casual, sexy or dressy. But what about a pretty male leg? Can a man get away with bare legs in an urban environment? Could he even wear shorts at work? If yes – how short can he go without looking undignified? What seperates beachwear from city wear?

When asking around amongst my friends opinions were drifting far apart. Some were stricly ’no shorts without a surfboard under your arm‘, some were ‚equal rights for men!‘ and a few answered with a nonchalant ‚why not?‘ knowing exactly that it’s all about the right length, material, top and shoes (and maybe socks? But that’s a different story, told another time…).

Wear a crisp white shirt with simple half length shorts and loafers or Doc Martens like Christoph and nobody will mistake you for a surfer dude. If you want to go a bit more formal you can wear a blazer along with your bemuda shorts (just try to avoid the school uniform/ AC/DC look) and if you are lucky enough to live in Bavaria… get yourself a lederhosen like Joerg – chic, timeless, undestroyable and comfortable. So use your possibilities, use them wisely, think outside the box and don’t follow aniquated fashion mandates. If you have good legs – we want to see them. In the end women are not so different from men.


(Pictures from Styleclicker, Christiph Who? and A Personal Style)