Style Bites – The Trench

August has passed and it took along the summer – so it seems. No need to be depressed as this is the start of another great Style-Season: It’s Trenchcoat Time! There’s hardly a piece of clothing so versatile like The Trench worn and loved by men and women likewise. You can wear it proper and slim with a neatly belted waist or you go all sloppy and untied in an oversized crumpled one. Throw it over your PJs when you step out in the morning to get the papers or wear nothing underneath to surprise your sweetheart (too many bad movies, I know….)

The way to wear the belt is debatable – leave it open, close the buckle, tie it loosely – I prefer the casual bathrobe style, easy to do and no fear of losing the belt or clamp it in the car door. Anyway, invest in a good trench, it can stay with you to the grave. You don’t necessarily need the all-time-classic Burberry (although it’s awesome), but don’t go for a cheap and flimsy one – in the end it should not only be a fashion item but it’s originally meant to be practical and shelter you from those chilly autumn winds and drizzles.


(Pictures from Styleclicker and A Personal Style)

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