Gunnar Hämmerle

Born in Munich as the son of a Bavarian ski instructor and a good looking Swede, Gunnar Hämmerle spent a happy childhood in a quiet village in Upper Bavaria. Thereafter, he took off into the great wide world – to Munich – where he studied business management and then went to film school. At some point during that time, he bought a used Nikon FE2 and began to photograph … it was the beginning of a great passion.

In 2006, he founded the street style blog Styleclicker together with his brother Lennart. Gunnar had no clue about the fashion world, but loved the fact that from that moment on he always had a good reason to ask complete strangers in the streets for a photo. It worked out well and the blog was getting more and more popular, so at the end, as if by magic, the hobby became a profession.

His second home country Sweden he loves very much and it is no wonder that his favorite spot to „hunt“ is Stockholm. Anyway, he likes smaller cities better than the really big ones like New York, London etc. These are indeed exciting, but in the end just too stressful. After all, life is not a race, he says.

Probably, that is the reason why walking is his favorite way to move around. And so somehow he has the ideal job: „professional promenader“.


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