Styleclicker’s Fashion Guide Reloaded – Win A Cool Naketano "Lieblingsteil"

Naketano is a cool new streetfashion label from Germany: fresh styles with vivid and bright colors for women. The independent designer team’s dedication is to create true „Lieblingsteile“ (=favorite pieces). The philosophy behind is that a fashion designer receives ultimate accolade when a piece of clothing becomes a favorite piece. I like that idea and I’m sure a lot of women will find some new favorite pieces at Naketano.

The best thing: Styleclicker has got the two Naketano styles from the photos to give away to you. So how can you get them?

Two weeks ago I did a post about my favorite second hand store here in Munich. The idea is to build up a Styleclicker’s Fashion Guide with insider tips about the coolest fashion stores around. I want to thank you for the positive feedback about the idea. You encouraged me to go on with this additional project. But of course, it will not be possible for me to cover the whole world on my own. So I thought it might work as follows:

Probably everyone has a favorite fashion store. It doesn´t matter if first or second hand, but they should have the je ne sais quois. Not the kind of store you would find in any official shopping guide. What I am looking for are the hidden boutiques difficult to find, the „gems“. Those places you would recommend to a friend who comes to your town for the first time. The visitors of Styleclicker are spread all over the world. So together we could easily build up this ultimate fashion guide. But I need your help for this and here is how to do.

Pick your favorite fashion store and write some lines about it. It will only take you a couple minutes. Just answer the following 5 questions:

  • Why should you go there?
  • What can you get there?
  • Price level (low/medium/high/luxury)?
  • Bestsellers?
  • Wow-item?

Don’t forget to add the name & address of the shop, the opening hours and the store’s website. It would be great if you attached a picture of the shop and maybe of some of your favorite items there. Then just send me an email to; and don’t forget to add your full name for the credit!

Everybody who sends in a tip until 15th July has the chance two win one of the Naketano Lieblingsteile. And to all men out there: send in your tips, too. I am sure you know a woman you could make very happy if you were the lucky winner…

I’m really hoping to receive a lot of emails with great tips from all over the world. Those would be the basis for Styleclicker’s Fashion Guide which I would love to publish for you on Styleclicker as soon as possible. Let’s rock it!

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