Styleclicker For President… Vote!


Well, too bad you cannot vote for me. But to all US citizens: It´s important that you go and vote! Like Steve Aoki already did.


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No, it’s not important to vote because there is no significant difference between Obama and McCain and regardless of what happens one of those two will win. Everybody who votes for one of those two only chooses the lesser of two evils. Maybe it’s morally more acceptable to refuse making such a choice?

I truly hope that most people don´t see it like you do. Because I am convinced that there is a difference. And I think the world is hoping that the US people will make the right choice this time.

Styleclicker and hotzenplotz, let me invite the two of you to take part in a simple thought experiment.

I am definitely not saying that this is the case in the US, but imagine an election with two candidates: Hitler and Stalin. According to your rule (not voting is voting for the bigger evil), you WOULD vote for one of the two. If you wouldn’t, you would violate your own rule. You would not behave consistent with what you just stated (this is primarily directed towards hotzenplotz), so in case you are going to claim you would not vote for Hitler or Stalin I will simply not take any of your comments seriously any more. Sorry if this sounds harsh or unfair, but I simply anticipate such a comment to come and want to point out how absurd it would be.

Now let’s assume you would vote for Hitler or Stalin (which you would if you believe in the „basic rule of voting“ that you stated). That’s an interesting fact. If you vote for one of them, they can more or less legitimately claim that they have your support. In a way, you become more or less responsible for their political decisions because you supported them. However, I, and many other intelligent and moral people would consider it morally unacceptable to vote for either Hitler and Stalin. Regardless of if and how their not voting would impact the election, those people simply belief in values that make it impossible for them to support one of those two evil dictators without violating them. Those people would have a guilty conscience. I hope you would have one, too. I don’t see why anybody would criticize such voters for their truly admirable integrity. If you believe in democracy, you should have deep respect for anybody who decides not to vote for such reasons(or who votes for a candidate who supports the same values one beliefs in, for that matter.)

to phil: when you haven´t found any differences between obama and mccain it shows me that you are not being very well informed. your comparison is absurd and even horrible. you absolutely disqualify yourself for any further discussion regarding this issue.
i am glad that the us citizens made a historical decision last night and voted obama for president. i truly believe in a better future with him. and if things really get better, one day you might find out that your comparison was wrong! neither obama nor mccain can be compared to hitler or stalin.

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