Styleclicker Wins Musikexpress Style Award 2008 – Munich, Badeanstalt


Yesterday, Styleclicker won the Media Award at the Musikexpress Style Awards 2008. Amazing! My first award. Wow. How cool is that. I think it shows that big media companies in Germany are paying more and more attention to what happens in the blogosphere. And that is great. The story continues.

The Kills played a secret gig and, oh my gosh, they really rocked. I jumped around like in good old teenage times till I was soaking wet. After that I had to ask them for a photo. They are so Rock’n’Roll, adorable. Oh Alison, I wished those golden boots were mine. When I told Jamie that I liked his jacket with the little German flag he told me it was a present from his girlfriend. That girl must know about style…

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