Some days ago, I asked you if you wanted to have some more info about the people I took pictures of and their clothes. Some wanted the info, some only liked to look at the pictures.

I understand both views. Now we figured out a solution: from now on, there will be the link (more…) beneath every picture. For those who want to have the info, just click on it. If you don´t you can enjoy the pictures without any additional text. Hope that is a good compromise for everybody.

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i like that..
seemed sort of a stuck situation for you. it’s a compromise everyone should be able to live with. that’s why i’m trying hard not to include a single ‚but‘ in this comment 😛
good job!

ps: interesting to see how you develop since this blog exists.
pps: labels > my favorites. why don’t you use it any more? i think it’d be interesting.

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