„Lettres à Yves“ – Pierre Bergé to Yves Saint Laurent

Pierre Bergé was – or should I say is – partner of the deceased designer Yves Saint Laurent, but not only that. An intellectual mind just as the couturier himself, with the publication of Lettres à Yves he brought a book on the market that is indeed interesting, but more over it is instructive and beautiful. We know him as grizzled associate as long standing at Yves Saint Laurent’s side. He was above all Saint Laurent’s ‚ guardian angel, custodian, constant companion, lifesaver, livelove.

'Kikou, I miss you sadly.' - Pierre Bergé, 2nd March 2009

Bergé counteracted the designers self-destructing notions with patience, its addictive behaviour with constant insurgency, its genius with admiration and its life with passion and mutuality. Devote, yes, but let’s not forget that Bergé had once conducted the Parisian opera. And was given a one-off job opportunity by Coco Chanel. Still, he always stood by Saint Laurent, and we can be certain; without him YSL would never have been become what it is.

' I wanted to serve women, to serve their bodies, their gestures, their conduct, their lives. I wanted to accompany them in the huge liberation movement that the last century had seen.'- Yves Saint Laurent

Sentimental, yes, as well, the book oozes with intimate, indestructible love and affection, the description of the fights for it, the irritated ascertainment, that it is ever lasting. Reading this book, it reminded me of the poetic character of the French language, it reminded me what it feels like not to be able to hold back the tears in the bus, reminded me of violent loving feelings. This book is pure passion. One of the most beautiful I have red in a long time.

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