The Boy, The Sun And The Bohemian Fun – Munich, Last Week

This post is about the majesty of the sun, bohemian attitude, greek deities and perfection. Open up to see all photographs…

This post is about the majesty of the sun, greek deities, bohemian attitude and perfection. Also, I want to introduce you to the gorgeous Maximilian  – we know each other since we were young, naive and clueless. Back in the days, we used to stroll through the streets of Munich and make crazy plans for the future.

Since the irony of fate put us both right in the claws of fashion business,  we decided to create together something in our favourite style – clean, but still full of emotion and expression.

Model: Maximilian Rossi
Styling/Hair&MakeUp (with products from Laura Mercier): Lorand Lajos
Labels: white shirt Dolce&Gabbana / white jacket H&M / tulle skirt Ermano Scervino / white tunic & feather fan from Lorand Lajos / caftan is vintage

Finally, I want to share some personal news with you : since 2006 I have been studying psychology in the Ludwig-Maximilians-University and today is the final exam – so from now, you may officially call me a clinical psychologist 🙂

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