Feelgood With Little Impact – Chinti & Parker 2011

Have you ever heard of seacel? Chinti & Parker present seaweed as their new material for the SS 2011 collection. And a lot of feelgood-pieces for next winter.

Bright orange seams and stitching are the design signatures of the luxury basics brand Chinti & Parker and add a humorous twist to their classic collections.

Playful details can be seen throughout the Chinti & Parker collections.

Cashmere pieces, the perfect white t-shirt, the feelgood-jumper is what you find here, all carbon neutral and as ethical as possible. 70% of the jersey used is organic. In terms of fabrics and textures, Chinti & Parker definitely are on the innovative side. Have you ever heard of seacel? It’s made of seaweed and the Happy Dress I am shown as an example has a beautiful drape. The nutrients of the seaweed stay in the fabric and make the wearer feel happy, therefore its name. I like the idea.

Coral maxi dress Happy Dress made of seaweed. Chinti & Parker SS11

Two years ago, the two cousins Rachael Wood and Anna Singh, who is visibly pregnant and radiant of happiness, set up the brand that is very much about ‚conscious cloth‚. Since its conception every effort has been made to manufacture under environmentally sound lines. Although they aimed for the knitwear production to take place in Scottland, it is now happening in Mauritius, since in the Highlands they were reluctant to do the colour contrasting pockets and patches. On the island, knitwear trims are made sure to do their bit with selected corozo nut buttons which are natural and therefore kinder to the environment. The women’s and baby cotton jerseys, that come in three weights, are made in a carbon neutral company in Portugal – to ensure that the garments’ travel leaves little to no impact on the environment.

Oatmeal fishergirl sweater, mauve sweatshirt jacket, grey panel sweater.
Dirty grey one pocket sweater, the designer's favourite piece. AW11

Rachael Wood’s favorite pieces of the Autum/Winter 2011 collection are the well-proven one pocket cashmere sweater in grey and mustard and the sweatshirt dress in the same colours. ‚Anything with mustard‘ she adds. It’s little buttons applied inside the collar and other subtle things that make the collection, inspired by the French feel and Japanese detailing, special with a play for a quirky edge. Sophisticated and aimed at women around 30 plus, the collection is quite versatile, any women could wear it really, and Alexa Chung, Reese Witherspoon, Claudia Schiffer and Sara Jessica Parker are just a few worth mentioning that have been seen in Chinti & Parker.

Breton stripe dress, white with navy.

Rachael tells me, that the Spring/Summer 2011 collection features a piece which was inspired by an old shirt of hers. She called it the rag since it was full of holes and its only utility left was to be used to clean the dishes. Whereas the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection includes a piece also inspired by an old favourite: Anna’s boyfriend’s old jumper’s cut was used, amended and transformed into something rather sexy that actually fits without having lost its cashmere cosiness. It perfectly matches the collection’s oversized and androgyn character.

Bright orange as the statement and signature colour.

As for the cousin’s ideal breakfast it is bananas wrapped in pancakes covered with bacon. It’s the umami they are after, but usually it’s just the normal eat-on-the-go brekkie such as bananas and chocolate éclairs they savour. And where are they heading to? Into the US market the journey will lead, adding to their basics with ‚unbasic basics with a european feel‘ as they call it.

'Unbasic basics': V dress, Marl

On every garment a checklist is attached, so you know exactly what you are buying when shopping Chinti & Parker. So my latest shirt ticks Organic Fabric, Carbon Neutral Company, Made in the EU, Natural Trims but not Handfinished. What boxes has yours ticked?

Mauve sweatshirt dress, mushroom and taupe sailor t-shirt. AW11

The newly launched bamboo-cashmere collection feels like a mixture of silk and cotton and is light and luxurious, while the addition of cashmere caters thermal protection. If you want to profit from a 20% discount, you have the chance to get a bargain until Sunday 3rd April on here.

Olive brown shirt dress and navy panel dress, AW11

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