My April Love – 6th April, Munich

The first days of April…

My April Love is always in my heart
My April Love from me will ne’er depart.
She always brings the ‚Joy of Spring‘ to me,
My April Love forever mine will be

The Winter months have gone – they all are past
The memory of cold cold Winter’s blast.
But April’s here – the breath of waking Spring,
That cheers my heart and makes me dance and sing!

May – she may come and June a blusing Bride
July so shy and summery by my side.
August – and come she must beside
And I remember calm and beautiful September!

The Summer’s gone and autumn hastens on
October through Decemeber – how my year has flown!
January’s so so cold and February’s such a groan
March marches on – then April takes the throne!

My April Angel is a pure delight
Throughout the day – and in each dreamy night!
Of all the Girls that flit thorughout the year
May – June – July – cannot with thee compare!

The dawning of the Spring – awakening of my heart
There’s nothing that can keep our pledge of love apart.
My April Love – My April Love – now you and I are one
You give me strength and hope to carry on!

My April Love – My April Love – so pure and so divine
My April Love – My April Love – please let me call you mine!
And when all the Angels ask me to recall
The lovely things you’ve said – and perfect things you do
To tell them of the thrill – the memory of it all
I’ll tell them – April Angel – yes I’ll tell them ‚l REMEMBER YOU! ‚

John Knight

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