Photo Diary – Seoul, Korea

My first days in Seoul…

When I arrived in Seoul, I was shocked by the weather! Thought it will never stop raining. Everything seemed so grey and lifeless… had to get used to always carrying an umbrella. My agency, the apartment and the girls I share it with are all very nice though! Have to get used to everything, especially the food. I like to eat Korean sometimes, but I really miss the food back home so much!! Really hard eating rice and noodles everyday since I’m used to eating very healthy and fresh food.

Handling it pretty well up to now though…

We get driven to our castings everyday by one of the bookers of the agency and traffic in Seoul is simply horrible. Sometimes it takes up to an hour to get to a casting nearby. I’m usually a very patient person but this is hard getting used to.

Anyway, the competition at the castings is huge and I literally thought I wouldn’t get any jobs when I saw all these skinny and tall girls from all over the world… I mean all kinds of type u can’t even imagine!!

Luckily, they really like my book here, so I started working very fast. A lot of editorials which I love of course, but catalogues mean more money. However, I’m not commercial enough. Really happy with my first job though, since it was for a very big magazine here called Noblesse. It was amazing working with the photographer Hong Jang Hyun, who is one of the best in Korea. A very nice and talented man… and he works fast ;-)🙂 I’ve been here for almost four weeks and work has been good. Still have four weeks to go and I hope they’ll be just as fine work wise…

It finally stopped raining by the way!! It’s really hot and sunny here now… air conditioning everywhere! Can’t handle otherwise! Haven’t found the time yet to actually do some sightseeing but hopefully I can manage at the end of my stay.

I’ll keep you posted… Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

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