Photo Diary Part II – Seoul, Korea

Hey everyone! One week left in seoul, then I fly back to Munich.;-) Miss home soo much… as soon as all my work will be published, I’ll share it with guys. But for now, I have some pictures from the last few weeks. If you’re asking yourself why most pictures are take indoors, it’s because I barely had any time to walk around outside and if I had some spare time, it rained cats and dogs which made it impossible to go outside. Anyway, I hope to give you a little insight of my stay here in Seoul;-)

My roomies Bianca,Svetlana,Egle and I

Ladies Room, Club Eden

Korean Food: cold noodles with vegetables, so yummy!

This is Olya one of my roomies, she is from Russia and a real Rock'n'Roller

Beautiful piranha fish at CoeX Aquarium, Seoul

German Model Kim and I

The new Chanel Boots

Sweet sixteen year old Ira from Belarus

My booker Amy

I took this picture of my lovely roomie Svetlana from Russia

Beautiful Bianca from Poland

Plastic surgery advertisement everywhere...

If I were a boy

I loved this changing room

Amazing one piece dress

Inspired by Twiggy

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