Tropical Constructivism – Basso & Brooke SS12

A journey by car, from London to Beijing, set the base for the Basso & Brooke Spring / Summer 2012 collection. ‚Driving for weeks in the relentless Siberian twilight, admits its bleak and brutal landscape, the formal foundations for this collection’s prints were laid.‘

Basso & Brooke Spring / Summer 2012, styled by Namalee Bolle. All images: Manuel Bischof

The pioneers of digital print managed once more to allure us with their luscious colour palette on flowing sheer silk. The bright and organic leaves and plant prints on knee- and ankle-length dresses contrasted to the earthy off-colours shown in geometric forms. Like a colourful breath of nothing the dresses lapped around the model’s moving bodies, and even combined with a sleeveless blazer couldn’t be any more feminine.

Spacial play: flat graphic prints transformed into deft drapes.

All jewellery was bright and big and consisted of ring elements one inside another, exclusively created by Borba. Held in white and light grey shades, the Make-Up by Mel Arter stayed discreetly, whereas the hair by Kenna (GHD) made a statement through a messy beach style. With the high-end technique of the cuts and prints together with the soundtrack by L Flajore, Basso & Brooke led us to distant places and produced some highly itchy feet.

Hard, angular lines, sharp contrasts and strong structures.

To see Basso & Brooke’s new moody editorial film by Thiago Jenné featuring some of their signature pieces and model Laura Paine styled by José Camarano click here.

Screenshot from Basso & Brooke editorial fashion film SS 2012

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