Mr. Start SS 2012 – London Fashion Week

The last day of London Fashion Week SS 2012 led us into Mr. Start´s redefinition of French girls in a masculine way.

Mr Start SS 2012. All pictures by Saskia Reis
Mr Start SS 2012

By guest writer Saskia Reis: The last day of London Fashion Week led us into Mr. Start´s redefinition of French girls in a masculine way.

At St. Martins Lane Hotel, Philip Start showcased his SS 2012 menswear collection in a totally felicitous real time installation. Buyers and journalists could examine lightweight cotton and linen fabrics, softly tailored cuts and the overall visual appearance of the designs in an authentic, yet surreal museum-ish approach. The designer´s colour palette includes khaki, stone, sand and indigo, as well as an updated classic collection of greys and blues. The show was acoustically accompanied by Bolivian Baroque, recognising the plight of the rainforests.

With his refreshing and inspiring presentation style, Philip Start underlined his contemporary and forward looking point of view. Just as effortlessly as the look of his creations, the designer took the time for a little chat with us to characterise his work: “It is all about a fashionable elegance, which is being shown in an easy, yet sophisticated way.Start was inspired by the peachiness of French girls, also sharing that “not many people know that my main theme is architecture. I am totally into the effortless simplicity of modern buildings.”

Mr Start SS 2012

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