Interview with Lada from Delada

Fawn Onyx Dress by Delada

Lada, how are you today?

Very inspired and excited, I am in the process of creating my A/W 2012 women’s collection inspired by one of my favourite artists Louise Bourgeois, and already finished looks just like I envisioned them – elegant and exquisite.

How do you experience beauty?

Full on, with all my five senses. I find and appreciate beauty in so many things, from a delicious beautifully presented meal to a well made unusual design detail on a piece of clothing.

Tell me about your design background.

My background is in business and in contemporary art and this is the greatest influence in my designs. Since my youth I have been mesmerised by modern and contemporary art. I have always tried to find garments which translate this quality into fashion while also being aesthetically beautiful and flattering. I have always had my own sense of style and I often used to create original outfits for myself even before I decided to launch my own collection.

You have just launched your first collection – what is it called and why?

I wanted to create a collection of the unusual sensibility inspired by artistic innovations of the early 20th century and therefore called it ‚Sense and Sensibility‚.

Onyx Isabelline Dress

What has inspired you for this collection?

My main inspiration has been the surrealistic artwork of artists such as Salvatore Dali or Magritte. I took their artistic ideas and re-interpreted them to deliver a modern, feminine collection. Another inspiration is my signature butterfly logo which appears as either laser cuts or as a raised work of art throughout this collection, sometimes in very surprising ways.

What materials did you use in your collection? 

I tried to create a fine balance between tough and delicate, using the finest paper silk mounted on crepe de chine to indicate laser-cut, the most sumptuous leathers, luxurious silks, silk organza and richest silk and wool and of course our own in house designed graphic patterns which were printed onto paper silk. I am very proud of and delighted with the way they turned out.

What is your design signature?

At the heart of the brand is the symbol of the butterfly which symbolises feminism, playfulness and flattering lightness. However, I have taken the symmetry and familiarity away and created a surreal asymmetrical and slightly ‚deranged‘ graphic form. It is a modern symbol, in bold black and white, to represent my surreal view of the world and femininity in fashion.

What’s your origin? 

I am a citizen of the world, originally from Russia I lived in America and now just outside London.

What should the wearer feel like in your clothes? 

Sensual, elegant, unique, feminine and confident. Delada flatters the woman’s body and femininity and embellishes with artistic flair and artisan craftsmanship.

Silk Royal Lilly Dress

How would you describe the Delada woman?

She is someone who, like me, appreciates wearing well-made, one of a kind, high quality clothes that flatter her figure and make her stand out in a crowd. My designs are perfect for a woman who likes a touch of luxury with a discreet, elegant feel.

What is your favourite piece of the collection and why?

Please don’t make me choose, all my designs are like my children, I love them all the same.

If the collection would be a country – what land would that be?

A new land which rises from the sea to the surprise and delight of everyone.

What have you had for breakfast?

Home-made muesli with organic low fat yoghurt.

How old are you and since how long have you been working in the industry?

Shame on you, one never asks a lady her age. This is my first collection and I am very proud of how it turned out.

What has been your career highlight so far?

Seeing the clothes from my collection being worn in town by real women.

What music were you playing in your studio this season?

A very eclectic mix, anything from classics to hip hop, it all depends on the mood that day.

What’s your relation with your subject matter?

I am a woman who adores design in all forms, and right now I am expressing myself creatively through my clothing collection. In the future I plan to expand this into other areas such as home ware, accessories and children’s clothing.

Name three things that are inspiring you for Spring / Summer 2012.

Surrealistic art, delicate flowers and abstract butterflies.

What’s next for your brand?

To continue delivering luxurious, unique, high quality, beautiful clothes to women who are looking for that something special to wear.

Thank you for your time, Lada.