Turqoise & Gold – Munich, Müllerstrasse

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she is trying too hard.

A suggestion, let people express themself in the forum, do not censore unless is offensive. The criticism will help you grow your perception of style.

I am always happy when I meet people who use their style as a creative expression of their personality. Even though maybe I wouldn’t wear what they wear. Style is not a competition. And not everybody has to like what others wear. Style is always subjective. And the diversity of styles is a gift to all of us. Critisism in a constructive way is very welcome. I think it’s sad that I have to check the comments before publishing. But unfortunately, some comments were really offensive, of course all of them anonymous. I will always protect the people I am taking pictures of. Because I am deeply grateful for their courage to allow me posting their picture in this blog. Thank you.

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