Styleclicker’s Fashion Guide – ALEXA’S, Munich

As an additional project to my street photography I would love to build up a list with the best fashion stores you can find out there. No matter if it is a fancy boutique selling young designers or a small second hand store, as long as it has the je ne sais quois. I am not looking for H&M, Zara or Gucci etc., but for the smaller and special ones, often hard to find. For this project I need your help. More details about it soon to come. And this is the first store: ALEXA’S in Munich.

Why should you go there? If you are looking for vintage clothing in Munich, Alexa’s is where to go. She opened her store in 1985 in a small street just around the corner of Viktualienmarkt. And she is still there – a true institution! Any time I stop by I can feel that Alexa really loves what she is doing. Her shop is always good for a great find. No wonder I bought some of my favorite fashion items there.

What can you get there? Vintage clothing, shoes and accessories mostly from the 60ies and 70ies for both women and men. So chances are quite big that you can find some unique pieces hardly anyone else is wearing.

Price level (low/medium/high/luxury)? Medium. Due to the fact that the vintage items are generally in good condition the prices are absolutely ok.

Bestsellers? At the moment, Alexa sells quite a lot of vintage sunglasses. I love sunglasses! And one of the Selecta models I might have to get for myself.

Wow-item? Difficult choice this time. There is a very rare Ossie Clark dress on the one hand…

… and a 60ies brocade cocktail coat on the other.

What do you think? I go for the cocktail coat.

Address: Alexa’s, Utzschneiderstrasse 10, 80469 München
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1pm-7pm, Sat 11am-4pm

Would a fashion store guide similar to this post make sense to you? I’m curious what you think about the whole idea. Please let me know.

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i respect that your one of those people who thinks that anything simply with the label „gucci“ isn’t necessary the best fashion just because its expensive! i do too prefer smaller boutiques that stock lesser know designer/labels. i would love to visit Alexas, it looks like the have some nice quality pieces… thanks for such a great post…. 😀

please, don’t get me wrong: i do absolutely not have anything against the labels gucci, nor against zara or h&m. it’s simply that i think it’s easy for everyone to find those stores. and in this fashion guide i would rather like to list the insider tips. thanks for your positive feedback.

yeah, i love your idea, i have been waiting four like this forever!! i’m so sick of everybody wearing the same…
i bought my dirndl for oktoberfest a few years ago at alexa’s, and i almost forgot about this store, i’m so glad that you reminded me of it. i’ll definitely stop by it again soon.

hm…i know a nice designer second hand shop… i think it’s called something like …

ahm here u are more precisely 😉

Rosi Valisik Second Hand – Tel.: 089/341771
Augustenstr. 113, 80798 München, (U2 Josephsplatz)

taken from:

i’ve been to this shop and it’s really cool…even bought a superb ermenegildo zegna suit for 50€!!! and it looks so nice…a soft, somehow silver-shimmering blue ciel colour:)

i think an exchange of secret spots is a great idea. would love to help…and read more of these! with many globe trotting fashion bloggers out there, something like this is a necessity!

I love the shopping guide idea!! Here are some of my favorite shops in Munich, def. worthwhile checking out:

blaugold, Sedanstr. at the corner of Metzstr. (Haidhausen), rather expsensive, since it’s mostly designer vintage, but great choices! but only fotthe ladies…

damenabteilung/herrenabteilung, also has men’s vintage fashion, ratjer exclusive labels, Schwanthalerstr. (Westend)

Bonnie & Kleid, four young designers selling there own couture, will tailor the clothes to fit 100%

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