Let There Be Light – Båstad, Sweden

Iruka said googbye to her skinnies. And she is showing a true alternative. I really love the way she is wearing the old pants of her mother.
So to everybody out there: it’s time for a change. And I can’t wait to find out what the post-skinnies era will look like.

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I like her look, but I can’t imagine going back after wearing skinnies. There’s just something about wearing trousers that show your actual shape, why hide behind baggy jeans? I think some people will always wear skinnies now, just like some people will always wear baggy trousers.

Becca, you are right. You should wear what feels best for you. And of course, skinnies look great on someone who has got the body to show it. But at the moment skinnies are everywhere. Sort of a global fashion trend. I don’t care too much about trends. I am looking for creativity in clothing. And I would love to show some more people with great style wearing other pants than skinnies (not necessarily baggies). But don’t worry: that does not mean you won’t find people with skinnies on Styleclicker any more;)

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