Munich, Marienplatz

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i´d love to meet more people with an individual style… but this is not new york, paris, london or stockholm. this is munich. and that´s what this blog is all about: MORE STYLE FOR MUNICH!
i am always happy when i meet people like the guy on the pic below. but read the comments: most of them quite negative.
it is not the question if i would wear something myself. any person is different. and any person should have his or her personal style. and other people should respect that even if they don´t like it.
anyways, i´ll keep on taking pictures. but at the same time i can only deliver what i see on the streets.
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I do understand what you mean. And it’s true that most people in Munich are wearing stuff in the dirction of this Dior Gaucho Bag girl but there is so much aside this -in my eyes- uniformity. Maybe we should go out together once and maybe you’ll find New York, Paris, London or Stockholm in this nice, clean Bavarian city.

A problem is that many people go only shop at H&M(and there isn´t a wide range of good shops like in London etc..) so many people look similiar. At present I see more and more people in munich who have got an individual cool style, today I saw a man in skinny jeans again, what does not happen often here; but more and more often 😉 and I´m happy about that..keep taking pictures!!

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