Upstairs – Munich, Gärtnerplatz


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deiner klieder hat design of rabbit from disneyland over is not for womman clothes but it is for baby clothes.i prefer flower prints,check prints.,lines,playboy symbol of rabbit,not rabit from disney land. sourel patalone looks like wearer is carrying their shit bag under their ass. so you are not good designer.on wedding dresses for bride if you put flowers of pale pink,powder pink,light sea green colour,weddind dresses look more attractive with contrast flowers over them than totally off white colour.some tips i give you for free…you accept!!!

because the makeup tips of bride can match with the flowers on their wedding dress,likepowder pink colour flowers match with thepink blushon,pink eye shadow,pink cheeks…you see mix and match is the best tip for dresses.french wear boring colours like kaki,marron,grey but i prefer lively colours ,mix and match with other colours is more attractive to eyes.colours play important role in your dreeses and life. your life is more lively if you wear lively colours like fuchsia ,yellow, lavender etc, your life is boring if you wear boring colours like kaki,marron.this is a reason i dont like loiuse vutton bags,although they have mark but they have boring one colour marron…i prefer rainbow colours .life is more lively with these tip i give you,you accept!!!

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