The Guy With White Socks – Paris, Rue de la Michodière



On Monday morning, I saw this guy right in the street where I was living. High fashion dress, white socks… interesting. He was busy talking on the phone so I looked for a background first. Then I asked him if I could take a picture for my street style blog and he was very kind and said yes. He was waiting for his taxi to come and seemed to be in quite a hurry, but it was enough time to take some shots.

I wanted to know if he was working at the fashion week. „Kind of“, he replied. After having taken the pictures, I asked him to fill out a form with his name and contact data as I always do. When he signed it I just said: „Oh my god, it´s you“ – Marc Jacobs gave me the sheet and got into his taxi. What a nice person. And what a great beginning of my Paris fashion week adventure.

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