Bones at Ivana Helsinki – Copenhagen, Julius Thomsens Plads



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dear styleclicker,
it is really a pleasure to view your pics. it´s great that you are travelling to different places! and i must say i am getting more bold styling myself. your blog is the best! and although i am not the comment writer i somehow wanted you to know. thanks for your inspiring blog.

Hey styleclicker,

I want to agree with tanja from munich!! Every time it’s very interesting for me to watch your webseite, take a look at the latest pictures, learn about the european culture and find out what comes into vogue.

Recently I walked with a friend of mine through Reichenbachstrasse in Munich to look for you. But I suppose „styleclicker“ turns up like a phantom!


By the way: In this case for me it’s not a interesting outfit, a little bit fuddy-duddy …. but nevertheless a very nice face and smile!!

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