Nursery – London, Westminster University


On my way to Madrid. Looking forward to get some sunny shots there.

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Madrid? Madrid indeed! It´ll be akin to searching for a needle in a haystack matey! Unless you hang on out side H&M Gran via or stroll along the graffitti covered Fuancorral (what an eye sore!!) Madrid in terms of fashion and elan and indeed that certain individual look which kinda jumps out at you just does not happen with the frequency of a London etc!

Being cool in Madrid means one of two styles: the scruffy grunge dirt look, or the skinny jeans (H&M), T shirt (H&M), bad hair management look!

So whilst in Madrid enjoy the view and the so called ´street art´, but in terms of sartorial elegance and good restaurant customer service….Your on your own mate!!

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