The Duchess – Paris, Pont des Arts


Natalie, Journalist

I met her on my way to the Hussein Chalayan show and she was heading there, too, together with a friend. Quick stop on the bridge to take some pics. There were quite a lot of people around us, but without hesitating she jumped up on the bench when I asked her to. Thanks for that, my dear.

By the way: Natalie was wearing an Alexander McQueen dress, Wolford stockings & Prada shoes.

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wow, this is so breathtaking. I love your blog, thank you for bringing daily inspiration to us audiences! Just want to let you know that your blog has reached out to many people, including me! I’m from Singapore, btw, which is kind of faraway, but this blog is totally inspirational!

Thank you, and sorry, sometimes, I talk abit too much

Tommy from Jak&Jil took a a close up photo of her shoes during the fashion week. Ever since I was wondering who was the girl wearing these Prada lovelies combined with the coolest pair of tights I’ve ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing this photo! Love your blog !!

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