Snow White – Stockholm, Kungsträdgården



Alma, Blogger & Model

Take a look at her blog HERE. Her Look: 2nd hand coat from Stadsmissionen,  2nd hand grey blouse, long black blouse from Acne, Cheap Monday jeans, belt from her Dad, 2nd hand shoes from Myrorna, gloves found at home (oops, she was not wearing them on the picture), Weekday cap and 2nd hand bag.

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Already commented on her on facebook… 🙂 So gorgeous!

Now a little question from this regular visitor…

Could anyone please give me advice as what to wear (footwear) for Munich these days? I’m going next Saturday and not sure if bring some thinsulated snowboots (ewww) or just some Doc Martens and wool socks will do against evental snow/ice?

Where I live (Borthwestern coast of Spain), it never snows! 🙁

Thanks in advance!!

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