The Boss – Copenhagen, Studio 22 Gallery


Kasper, Student & Gallery Owner

Jenny & Søren of Copenhagen Streetstyle had a nice exhibition at Gallery 22 during fashion week. The good thing about the cold: cool drinks as you can see on the picture. Kasper is one of the two gallery owners. His look: Hat & scarf 2nd hand, grandfather’s jacket, sweater by Sibin Linnebjerg, April77 pants (self colored) and Zara shoes.

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I guess he has not been standing there for long, otherwise i believe him to have suffered from frostbite…but his outfit is cool, modest and relaxed. Maybe the sleeves are a bit too short, but that´s nothing to complain about…

Sorry Samantha, aber das ist einfach nur Unfug. So lange einem das Teil gefällt und, wie oben, zum Style passt, ist es doch vollkommen unbedeutend, wo es gekauft wurde. Von Markenkonformismus sollte man sich generell befreien. Was zählt ist Style und ein gutes Preis-/Qualitätsverhältnis.

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