Paris Picture War – Paris Fashion Week, Jardin des Tuileries


This is really getting more and more crazy. There were so many photographers outside the shows, it almost made me feel like a paparazzo (which is the last thing I want to be). Whenever you pick out people and stage them for your photo, there are loads of pic-snappers standing behind (or even in front) of you taking your photo. Well, it´s a free world, but it has nothing to do any more with how it all started: taking personal pictures of people with style. Mmh, the war is over for this time. I am staying in Paris another 3 days. And if I spot some cool people in the streets, no other photographers will be around.

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I’ve been searching a lot of style blogs and all seem to have the same pictures from Paris Fashion Week. To distinguish yourself, I’d say to stick to fashion in your particular gets so old seeing the same people from Paris, NYC, etc…
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