Swedish Indian – Stockholm, Södermalm

Swedish Indian - Stockholm, Södermalm

Ylva, Dancer & Artist

Poncho from Guatemala, black Louis Vuitton scarf from a friend, vintage cardigan, sweater from Paris, vintage pants from Paris, Nike shoes and a headband that she found.

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@dx: i assure you the title was not meant to be offensive at all. often it´s just associations that come to my mind when looking at a picture. and when i look at her, i think: she looks like an (american) indian somehow though she is swedish of course. another example: the title „Danish Bavarian“ for that post http://bit.ly/bSK9xp – actually, he is from denmark, but the hat he was wearing just made me choose that title. so is that offensive, too? calling him a „bavarian“ though he is not? or is the word „indian“ a taboo that cannot be used at all? how would you describe her style in your words? let me know… and by the way: i love indians and their culture, the ones from north america as well as the ones from india.

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