Stockholm Girls – Stockholm, Södermalm



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…luv that girl on the left side…not too much color and a good combination! Red and black always fits good…but you should not overdo the red, which makes me prefer the left one over the right one. Still all pretty girls:)

die links sieht aus wie collien fernandez. ich mag ihren style. ich finde es gut wenn die jacke länger ist wie das untergewand, das gibt dem winterstyling einen leichteren luftigen touch! di in rot hat nen super schal, der ist bestimmt vintage!

Really luv the girl in the middle! great combination with the with stockings and the blonde hair, beautiful! I agree on the h&m look, but i don’t consider it as something negative. H&m is a big company and also a great one, where you can find all basic stuff you need, and sometimes even some really nice stuff as well! H&m is like worldwide, which i think is very great!!“21

Nevertheless i really like the combination of them 3 together! The should like take surgery and be fixed together, so that they always would be together! that would be cool! It would such a waste to not use their fully potentional as a group.

wow i love these three girls! i also agree on the h&m part, but they’ve done really well and i love their shoes. i know h&m has got some cool and cheap clothes but like >everyone< is wearing it which is sad because i hate it when about 15 other girls in my school wear the same hat like me 🙁

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