From Russia With Love – Paris, Rue Dupetit Thouars


Natalia & Roman, fashion editors from Moscow

They were on their way to the Stella McCartney show when I stopped them for a photo in the fantastic morning light.

Her outfit: coat and shorts vintage, T-shirt and bag Topshop, Alaia shoes.
His outfit: Tata-Naka coat, Walter van Beirendonck pants, Rick Owens shoes and a Nutsa clutch.

A lot of people asked me that they would like to have some more info to the pictures I post, mainly what the people are wearing. So this is a test. What do you think? Should I post that info together with the picture or only pictures? Please, write your opinion and suggestions in a comment. Thanks.

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it was a good judgement for this photo that you’ve write it, but it’s not necessary for every photo that you write it… maby just their occupation, that gives them character, it’s all about the style, not brands…

of course it’s all about the style , but it’s interesting to compare what brands people prefer and how they mix them. these guys look really great and his shoes are rick owens , that shows a statement, an edge. and this is what i personally like, i would never support brands , whose philosophy or style is bullshit.
so, knowing brands allows us to think about outfits more critically. now u have to know if it is what u want 😉

for me that is something very relative, ‚couse people can wear and mix brands and konw nothing about them, but have a great style. personally i think that is shallow to critisize an outfit based on philosphy of the brands. it is ok for you not to support bullshit brands, but you can’t undervalue someones great outfit and be less stunt just because he’s wearing an bulshit brand. that’s hipocrasy. for me style is an art, mixure of colours, shapes, extremes, periods ect. but to be critic about it ofcourse you need to know the brands, fashion theory, art, subculture,background ect. couse people’s style is a reflection of all that.

ive always kinda liked your pure pictures without the added brand-information cause brands dont really matter to me. its all about the inspiration and not about copying, right? and besides, it just seems cooler and less commercial in my opinion.

i agree with carla, for me brands don´t matter. but the story where you met them or where they wanted to go to or in which mood they were.. this is very interesting in my opinion. thats a way how the people becomes more personality.
to hulk: why being interested of style, etc. means you haven´t a life?!

i am not so much interested in knowing the labels people wear, i always must think of the commercial spot years ago ‚mein auto-mein haus-meine frau’…oder war’s die yacht.. i want to see how people mix colours, shapes and materials… labels want to make money – in fashion industry they really make much… it seems easier doing it with ’statement‘ so people nowadays feel happier consuming…

thank you all for your feedback. i decided to continue giving you some more info together with the photos, i.e. name, occupation and clothes. in fact, from my point of view it´s not about pushing any brands at all, but just an additional service to those who want to know what people wear on the pics. hope you are all happy with that.

Its cool like that, maybe you can add their favorite songs or something like that..I suggested this like a half year ago already…glad it’s been implemented! its cool that you add a lot of styles from all over the place but in my opinion Munich came a little short recently, unfortunately always from the same district in town.

that was only constructive criticism, the site is really cool!!

It really IS interesting to get to know what the people are like. Favourite songs, as proposed somewhere above, inherited scarfs, .. really do tell stories, but brands actually don’t.
By this you cross the line between the meaning of fashion as an artwork of individuality to the meaning of fashion as commerce and copying.

Which effect do you actually want to create by posting brands? Really, I’m interested in this one. Don’t really want to believe it’s all about the ‚magazine attitude‘ to simplify copying and show that brands can be mixed. 😛

thanks to the feedback everybody. I decided to publish the info about my models´ occupation along with the info about what they wear. it´s not about pushing any brands (i do not have any advantage from that only more work), but simply some additional info many readers seem to be interested in.
i understand that some don´t want to have that info. the good thing is that nobody has to read it 😉
hope everybody is happy with that solution.

ich empfinde die Bennenung jedes Kleidungsstückes als unnötig! die Seite ist definitiv genial – wegen der Muse die Ideen die sich auf der Platte formen um sich selber authentisch ausdrücken – was heißt persönnlich braeuchte ich nicht die ganzen Namen.

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